How to Effectively Stick Decals


There are a number of steps that can be taken when sticking decals to your wall. The first step is to select the space for the decal you want to stick. You should have the measurements of that space and consider the decorations that are already existent. The other thing is to find the decal that you wish to stick. Choose one that will match the colors of your home or complement the colors.


The other thing you will need to do is to make the surface clean. This involves the removal of dirt and any oils from the surface. Quote wall stickers usually stick effectively when the sticking surface is clean. You will next need to make an adjustment to the placement because you can remove a decal but it is difficult to you can not reuse it. So it is important to be sure about the space you wish to stick your decal.


The next step is to finalize the placement by taking up a ruler and pencil. Use the pencil and ruler to come up with a light guideline

The guideline will direct you on where to effectively stick the wall decal. You may also need a level to enable that you place the wall decal perfectly horizontally on the wall.


Next you will need to place the Wall Quotes by following the guideline that you had drawn. The process of placing the wall decal usually requires a high level of accuracy and proper focus. You should stick the wall decal as adjacent to the guideline as you possibly can. You then need to remove the covering that offers the protection to the sticky part of the decal. Then align the wall decal to the previously drawn guideline. The sticking of the decal should have much precision in order to avoid any errors. It also needs for you to take your time so as to make sure there is accuracy.


The final application is to use a squeegee that will enable you to smoothen the surface of the wall decal as well as to eliminate any bubbles of air that may be trapped under the wall decal. The bubbles of air usually give an uneven appearance to the surface of the wall decals. In some instances the air bubbles may also result in the inefficiency of the adhesive. You should always desire to have a very smooth finish to the wall decal surface. There is usually a paper backing on the face if the decal that you need to remove after sticking the wall decal. The paper backing needs to be removed in order to view the wall decal. For further details regarding painting, go to

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